Friday, March 26, 2010

Hip Hop Horray! Hooo, Hay, Hooo! It's Friday.

     I feel like this week dragged on forever! One good thing this week, we meet some new Americans who were here on their house hunting trip. They will be coming back in a month for good, so it looks like we'll have some new friends. We liked them a lot.
     Last night we went to dinner with them at our favorite place in town. We have to share it with all the newbies (like I'm not still a newbie myself). It's an Italian place called Lo Studente. Delicious food. Their specialty is simply amazing. They have this huge parmesan wheel and they scrape cheese from inside the bowled out middle. Then they come from the kitchen with pasta piping hot, still in the pan and dump it in the cheese. Next they mix it around until all of the cheese they scraped off gets melted all over the pasta. Then they give it to you on a plate with the sauce on the side. It is heavenly!

Ali, scraping the cheese.
The cheese waiting for it's soul mate, the pasta. LOL


     Yesterday I promised to start updating the reviews of some products that I have been using for a while. Today I will do two, because they kind of go together. 

      I will start today with the Redken Real Control line. I originally started using the Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask last Octoberish. I reviewed it here. I liked the mask so I decided to try the shampoo and conditioner. I bought the small bottles and liked those so before I moved I bought a liter of each of the shampoo and conditioner. Yuck!

     It has started building up on my hair. It feels so gross. It was fine at first but after a few months of use it really built up. I hate it now. Luckily I had some left in a liter of Aveda Shampure shampoo and a Color Conserve Conditioner, that I usually used on clients in the US. So I decided to make the change when I colored my hair the other day...

     Because I used the Malibu Pre-Color Treatment to remove the buildup off of my hair before coloring it. A product I actually had a contest to win. Now, this works. It completely removed any buildup that the Real Control had left on my hair so I was able to start with a fresh slate again. I will definitely be using my Aveda until the summer when I get back to the states and can pick up the new shampoo and conditioner that I ordered and sent to my mother-in-laws house. It's a product that I can't wait to try. Stay tuned to see if I like this one.

If I sent you one of these treatments have you used it? Did you like it?

Thank you all for reading. I really appreciate your comments and your reading my blog!
Love LoVe, LOVE,


  1. Mmm I love Italian!
    Yay for some new friends!

    Maybe I should try that stuff next time I get my hair done. You know what - as many times as I have colored my hair, last time I did I had an allergic reaction! It was the first time ever, and it was at a salon I haven't gone to in awhile but did go to for 2 years without any problems. They are still using the exact same stuff they used to use on me and the formula the company uses hasn't changed. It was really mild, raised red patches on the back of my neck near my hairline and also by my temples along the hairline. It went away totally by the next day and didn't itch or anything. The colorist didn't put any of that stuff along my hairline prior to dying my hair so I don't know if that had something to do with it or what. Anyway, this happens to my mom so maybe its just been passed down to me from her!

    Does that stuff to prep your hair pre-dye help the color come out more true too?


  2. Yes, it removes any build up on the hair and helps the color take better and more true. It's just good to get it all off so the color doesn't have an extra layer of stuff to break through.

  3. I love it when they cook pasta that way! We had it on our honeymoon in Aruba and the hubby and I still talk about the pasta in the cheese wheel til this day (3 years later )!