Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring and Summer Runway Trends

     It's March! The sun is starting to shine a little more. The snow has melted (at least here in Germany). Is everyone gearing up for another Spring/Summer fashion and beauty season? I know I am.

     I am really excited by a lot of the trends we were seeing on the runways for this upcoming season. Here are a few highlights.

A lot of the looks used very neutral colors,
like this look from Daniel Vosovic’s show. I love it, it's one of my favorite looks I saw on the runway this year. The golden and bronze shadows blend so well with her bronzed skin. It's really a beautiful look. I love the look of the hair from this show, also. Very undone, updo. Which was also a theme, but I will talk about that later.
Or this tawny look from the Cushnie et Ochs show.
Another popular look this year was barely there makeup. It was done in one of two ways. Truely, nude looking, like this look from Tankoon.
Or a bare face with one bold feature.

It was a great plum lip at Peter Som.
A striking cat eye at Devi Kroell

Or, my personal favorite of all of the trends this season, the bare face with bold lashes, seen at Marc Jacobs. 
The past few years, François Nars (founder of Nars), has borrowed the more dramatic looks of the 80's and Japanese geishas. This year he toned it way down to this beautiful look, that perfectly sums up the look of the season.

You've heard it before, bigger is better. That was definitely a theme this year, along with the messier the better it seems. All of the looks were messy-done. A perfect oxymoron. They were thrown up, a purposeful mess. I love it.
 Here's the look again from Daniel Vosovic.
 This look, from the Adam show. 

There was also a lot of loose texture and messy waves. 
Some big beautiful hair from DVF.

In order to include some of these into my look for the upcoming spring/summer season, I snatched a couple of new shadows yesterday. One is the new spring color forecast palate, in color 4, from MAC.
 I also got a new shade from Bobbi Brown called Champagne.

I am on a kind of vacation right now. I am crashing in on JP's business trip to Frankfurt. So I haven't even tried the colors yet. For the next week I am going to be replicating some of the great looks. I will keep you updated!
If you want to check out some of my pictures from this visit, check out my other blog. I actually am going to post them right after I post this, so if you look and they aren't there yet, just give me a few minutes!

So what do you think of the upcoming trends for the season? Are there any in particular that you are going to be getting some good use out of? Do you have either the MAC palate or the shadow that I just bought? If so, what are you thoughts on the colors?

Have a great day!


  1. LOVE your new eyeshadows, especially that Mac 4-pack. Looking forward to see how you work them. Hey, I wanted to comment on your other blog (but couldn't) that your dog is too adorable. I love that you can take her with you everywhere!


  2. Ooooh! Can't wait to see the new colors! Hope you have so much fun in Frankfurt!

    I will most likely be sporting the purple and green eyes. Also red lips and big hair...I have my eye on MAC's London collection launching next week so we'll see what I end up with!

  3. YAY for big hair! :) I REALLY want to try a plum lip. I don't know if I can pull it off, but I love how it looks. Love the new MAC Spring colors, can't decide between the purple (fun) or the set you have (probably wear more)? I want them all.... :)

  4. I know Kristina, all of these palates are beautiful. When you see them in person, if you haven't already, you might get the same one that I did. The others looked, in my opinion, a little too much, still beautiful though.
    Let's see if I can't find a slightly more wearable shade of that purple, I will let you know, because I am definitely on the hunt for it. I love that look.