Monday, March 15, 2010

I Hate Jeans Shopping.

     I love shopping. Styles change, my taste changes, sometimes you just want something new. But, if I could have one pair of jeans that fit me perfectly, and would last me the rest of my life, I would never go jeans shopping again. NEVER.
     I had found a great pair of jeans a couple of months ago. They fit perfectly, they were comfortable, they looked good (enough) on me. I figured they would last me a long time. They were NOT a cheep pair.
     Then couple of weeks ago, my thighs rubbed a hole right in the crotchal area of them. I was so mad. I don't own that many pairs of jeans because, like I said, I hate shopping for them. So my only other pair of jeans, is a couple sizes too big, but they would have to do. And they did, for a couple of weeks I wore only those and would wear some other pants when I was washing them, every couple of days.
      On the weekends I would go shopping for a new pair. The brands that I like back in the U.S. are either not here, or ridiculously expensive. Like, a pair that would normally be $150 there is $200-$250 here, easily.
     So I figured, 'Let me get a cheep pair here, to hold me off until I get to the states this summer and can buy a good pair.' That's what I did. This weekend I finally broke down and went to H&M, where I had already tried on a million and a half pairs of jeans on one of my many shopping escapades.
     I came home, after only spending 62 Euros, with a pair of jeans a shirt and a scarf. If you have read this far you probably want some pictures. So here you go. Sorry these pictures were taken by me, and I still don't have a full length mirror in my house.

Here are the jeans, a pair of skinnies, 39 Euro.
Here's another picture, my husband just informed me that the other one makes my legs look weird.

The shirt, and below a more detailed view. Around, 14.50 Euro
The belt is BCBG from last summer.

And the orange scarf. 7.95 Euro
It was the color that drew me to this scarf, but I had a hard time getting it to even look orange in the pictures. It kept looking pink.

Did you get anything good this weekend? What do you think of the top? I was debating taking it back. I am not sure I love it, but I finally decided to keep it. I am curious of what you all might think.


  1. Those look great on you Andi! Love orange so that scarf is SUPERfab in my book!

  2. Oh I love that white top! soo cute! I know how hard it is to find a good pair of jeans! I can't believe the pair you bought already did that - I wish you could email them or contact customer service and get your money back. Try looking into that! In the meantime, I love your purchases!

    Its interesting because over there you are dealing with the Euro, but in China I am dealing with their currency - the exchange rate right now is about 6 or so Chinese RMB to 1 US dollar - basically we are living large over there! I know they have H&M and Mango (another favorite that I am pretty sure is not in the US but is over in Europe and Asia) - anyway I wonder what the prices at these stores will be like when using the RMB. Hmm.