Sunday, March 7, 2010

Q&A with me

So since it's the weekend I figured that I would do just an easy Q&A post. Thanks to everyone for the questions. I feel like it's been a get to know you kind of week, at least in my blogosphere, so I figured I would participate too.

Do you miss living in America?         
I am really enjoying myself in Germany so far. I've been experiencing so many new things and meeting so many great people that I haven't had even a second to miss home. There are little things that I am starting to miss already, like, different foods that I can't get (they don't eat chicken here!), people looking you in the eyes and smiling when passing on the street, and, of course, I miss my family. So while I am not super home sick yet, I am sure by the time it's ready for me to come home, I will be ready. Right now, I am too busy being excited to be here, though.

Did you always want to be a hairstylist?
I did. When I graduated high school I wanted to go straight to cosmetology school but my dad told me that I had to go to college. So first, I went to school to be a Spanish teacher. After that I went straight to cosmetology school. I absolutely loved every minute of it.

Are there any other careers you would ever want to try?
I really love what I do but I think eventually I will try teaching. I figure when I have kids it might be better to have the same schedule they do. I plan to stay home with my kids while they are young though.

What salon did you work at in ATL?
I worked at Van Michael Salon, in Buckhead.   

How can I rock black eyeshadow without looking like I belong on the Rock of Love bus?

Did you ever get nervous when you started doing how to videos?
I am still nervous. Originally, I was nervous because I am not the super bubbly girly girl type, like some of the other youtube MUAs out there. Hopefully there are people out there who like me how I am. Actually, all of the nice comments are the only reason that I am still doing them. I feel like it's a learning process though. The more I do the better that I will get at it.

What is your favorite movie?
I am a big comedy fan. I would say my all time favorite movie is Office Space. I also really like Inglorious Bastards and UP.    

What color do you think you'll dye your hair next?
For the first time in my life (well, since I have been coloring), I don't know. I am really trying to decide what to do right now. It turns out that the last color I used faded pretty close to my natural color, so I am debating letting my natural color grow out. Just to see it again before I start getting greys and have to color it. If I start working, though, I will have to color it. So we will see.
Do you plan on cutting it anytime soon?
No way, Jose!

Do you think you want to become a mom anytime soon? :)
Andi, you and I really must be on the same wave length. We are talking about starting to try either after the summer or early next year... Fingers crossed. 

Do you have any non-F&B related hobbies?
Oh, yes.  I love cooking and come from a family of great Italian cooks. I am lucky to have that passed down to me. Still, no one can cook like my Grandma. I also love going out with friends, and we have been lucky enough to have met some great people here so far to do that with. I also love to learn languages. I am learning my third language now, here in Germany. I have classes 4 hours a week. I think French will be next.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



  1. I would love to learn French also--a little piece of me would love to move to Paris for a few years---just to try it out.

  2. Ive never worn eyeshadow like that but I really like it. It would be perfect for a night out!