Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Control product review.

    For the last month and a half, I have been using a deep conditioner made by Redken called, Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask. This particular product gives a lot of moisture and a little bit of protein, which is a good combination for someone who is growing their hair longer. It also works well for someone who just wants to keep their hair healthy, but has minimal damage. The moisture keeps the ends from becoming too dry and the protein helps to strengthen the hair and prevent split ends. I really liked this product. It made my hair feel very soft and easy to brush through when I was out of the shower.
   For someone who is heavily highlighted and feels their ends need some TLC, I might recommend a product with more protein to help strengthen. The Redken line that would work in this case is called Extreme. For someone who is curly or just feels dry in general I would recommend a product with no protein, only moisture. The Redken line that works for this is the Smooth Down.
   This was my first time using this product and I really liked it. I would buy it again in the future. If someone has the right type of hair to use this product, I would recommend it to them.

If anyone has any specific hair or makeup questions, feel free to email me at I am more than happy to help!
I hope everyone had a good weekend!

<3 Andi

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  1. I've been wanting to try that! Maybe I'll have to pick some up this week!