Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Easy Up-Do How To, Part one

     Here's what I am working on for tomorrow.

     We all have little events now and then that we want to look put together for. We don't necessarily want to go all out by getting our hair and makeup done for every little one, though.  It's good to have a few easy up-dos in our repertoire. This is a great look for you ladies with curly hair, btw.

Here's my go to up-do for such an event.

     When doing this video I was sad to realize that my hair has gotten too long for this look. I still did it to show everyone, but it looks much better with shorter hair.

So since I am looking for a new style myself: What is your go to look for a fancy evening out?


  1. ooh, this is gorgeous! I RARELY (never) wear my hair up, but this is really pretty.

  2. I almost never wear my hair up either. Only for formal events. I think it can just make a dress look that much better. What good is a awesome back on a dress if my hair is covering it?

  3. Very pretty! I need to learn some new, cute "updos". My hair is really long and when it starts to get humid it has to go up. Is the braid still in? I always wanted to learn how to do the french braid in the front (bang area), off to the side. Them pull it all back. Very Lauren Conrad? Hmmm... :)

  4. I almost never wear my hair up. For fancy events, I do a rough blowout just to get it dry but don't worry about straightening it. Then I brush it out and use hot rollers of varying sizes all over my head. I do my makeup while the rollers set, then about 15-20 minutes later take them out and I have these great large bouncy curls. A touch of shine and spray and I am done!

  5. I like this look! I usually do low middle or side bun with a hair accessory or blow out my hair for events. I think updo's help to pull an outfit together as long as it doesn't scream 80's prom ;-)

  6. Wow! This is VERY pretty.. very elegant! Your hair is absolutely gorgeous!

    As far as my "Go to" look -- I can never go wrong with a messy bun.