Friday, January 15, 2010

Get Your Supplies Ready

     Who's ready for some How-To Videos? I am, I am...well almost. Early next week we will finally be moving into our permanent home. We have been staying at a temporary place while they finish getting ours ready. Once we are there and unpacked I plan on starting the videos.
     I will be focusing on beauty. There are a lot of MUAs who do great costume make-up, and I really respect their talent. But I have never lived, and never plan to live in NYC or L.A. I do mostly weddings and sweet 16's and such. Where people are wanting to look like the best version of themselves, not like a completely different person. Also I want to do tutorials that anyone can do. Any one from people who already know how to do their makeup and just want to learn some new moves to people who have no clue about what they are doing. Of course, I will be sharing all of my tips on hairstyling too, and the same idea applies. I want to help everyone, from other professionals to people who are clueless.
     I don't really know, yet, where I am going to start. If you have any suggestions or specific things you want to see or know, let me know.
     I figured, that today, I would show everyone the tools that I use. Maybe it can help you to see what you are missing out of your own tool box, or give you an idea of where to start.

Make-Up Brushes
I have a couple sets of make up brushes, but these are the ones that I use personally.

From Left to Right
All MAC Brushes
150 Powder Brush
129 Blush Brush
190 Foundation Brush
252 Concealer Brush

Left to Right
All MAC Brushes Except the Top One
224 Fluffy Brush, Used to apply shadow all over the lid, and used for highlight
217 Large Flat Brush, Also can be used for the lid
272 Soft Large Angle Brush, Used for crease
228 Small Flat Brush, Used to smudge eyeliner
266 Small Angle Brush, Used for eyebrows and liner
219 Blending Brush, Used to blend shadows together
The Top Brush is a cheap Brow Brush, I only use the Right side. I use it to brush my brows into place.

Hair Brushes

Aveda Paddle Brush

Large Ceramic Round Brush
w/ a good grip on the end

Mason Pearson

     I hope that everyone who entered my blog contest and then sent me an email received their gift. I know that a couple of you did for sure. Please let me know if you got it!

<3 Andi

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year, a new beginning.

     I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, and a great New Year's Eve. I wish only the best to you and your family in 2010. It's going to be a great year.

     Believe it or not, we are leaving in less than one week. I am sure you believe it, I am the one who doesn't. When something like this happens to someone else it is very believable; it happens, then you continue your life unchanged. When these crazy, surreal things are happening in your own life it is hard to even grasp the concept, let alone go through all of the things that need to be done beforehand.
     It doesn't help that we have been floating around between Detroit and Miami for the last two weeks, with little routine other than my mother in law yelling to us that some sort of fried Cuban food is ready a couple of times a day. Pastelitos mean it's breakfast(ish), Cubanitos mean lunch(ish) and Friteritas mean it's dinnertime(ish). This traveling has let me live in denial of the inevitable move that is lingering in the back of my mind, and now less that one week away.
     Now that the week-to-go mark has past there are little things, here and there, that remind me of my reality. Mini panic attacks ensue; shortness of breath followed by my heart trying to leap out of my chest and then the need to sit down.
     Don't get me wrong, I am over the moon to be moving to a different country. I can't even begin to imagine all of the new experiences we will have. I have, probably, the same amount of moments during the day that I can barely contain myself, I just want to be there now. I really am very excited.
     I didn't make any resolutions this year because I feel like my life is going to be so different, that I don't know where to start. I have, however, made a list of goals that I want to achieve sometime in the future.
          LEARN GERMAN, that's the big one.
          TRAVEL, we have already started planning trips.
          GET MORE EXERCISE, this one won't be hard, we won't have a car so we'll be walking everywhere.
          EAT HEALTHIER, this will be very hard, but I will just have to cook mostly at home.
          START TO MAKE HOW-TO VIDEOS FOR MY BLOG, self explanatory.

     Hopefully, my next post will be from Germany. I doubt I will get one in during the craziness of my last couple of days in Atlanta. I still can't believe this is really happening. I'll see you all on the flip side!