Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Conditioning: Tips and Tricks!

      I get a lot of questions asking about dry or damaged hair and what to do to help repair and or prevent it. I always give the same answer, buy a good weekly conditioner. If you wanted to take it to the next level, I would suggest going to get an in salon treatment. That's where they have the good stuff.

     Let me go further into detail about dry versus damaged hair. What to use for each and why one conditioner might be better than another for your particular situation.

Damaged Hair
     Usual causes are bleaching or highlighting the hair, or repetitive coloring. On this type of hair you need to use a combination of protein and moisturizer in your conditioner. Why protein? The molecules of protein go into your hairs structure and fill in any holes that may be there. There are different ranges of protein to moisture ratios in different products so you should pick one that is balanced to your needs. The more damage to your hair the more protein you need.
     Why not just use a protein rich shampoo to prevent damage? Well, although protein is good, it can also build up in the hair and cause the hair to become more dry. Think of it this way, for every molecule of protein that is in your hair, that is one molecule of moisture that can't be there. So you really only want to use protein if you need it.
     I have a couple of products that I will recommend, each of which I have used personally. The first, and my absolute favorite is Aveda's Damage Remedy. The reason for the favoritism is because Aveda discovered a new type of protein that does NOT build up in your hair. Once your hair is full of the protein the rest will just drop out. So that is a HUGE plus to not have to worry about using too much. Another one I really like is the Redken Real Control line. In a previous post, I reviewed the deep conditioner and I liked it so much that I am now using the shampoo and conditioner from the line as well. I will review the shampoo and conditioner from this line later seeing as I just started using it a couple of days ago and don't really have a good grasp of whether I like it or not yet. The good thing about the Real Control line is that it doesn't contain too much protein and it is still a good moisturizer. If your hair is very damaged, and you want to try Redken, the Extreme line is what they have. This one I have never actually used.

Dry Hair
     Most of the time when people think they have damaged hair, their hair is really just in need of some extra moisture. A couple of split ends don't need a protein conditioner, they need a haircut.
     Curly hair is one type of hair that is usually dry. So if you're a curly cue you will want a moisturizing conditioner.
     Dry hair is a little more simple, you don't have to worry about protein build up. Just get a good moisturizer like Aveda's Dry Remedy or Redken All Soft.

How to Apply
     Now I know everyone knows how to put conditioner in their hair, but to get your hair to really soak it up there is a trick.

1. Shampoo like normal and skip the regular conditioner.
2. Towel dry your hair as best as you can in the shower.
3. Now apply a generous amount of your weekly deep conditioner
4. Leave it on as long as you want/can.

Your hair is like a sponge, so if it is already full of water it doesn't soak up much more moisture. If you ring the sponge out before using it, it will soak up much much more. So just make sure you get as much water out of your hair as you can before applying the conditioner.  Most times I do the steps above first and then wash my body and shave, etc. and then I wash out the conditioner. Every once in a while though I will leave the conditioner on to sleep in or for a longer period of time. If I sleep in the conditioner I take a dry towel and wrap it around my pillow before laying my wet hair on it.

I hope this helped answer any questions you may have had. If you have another question I will be happy to answer!

Healthy hair is beautiful hair!
<3 Andi

P.S. I am sorry if there are typos in this post. I started it much earlier but had to leave half way through. I have now been up for 20 hours and am too tired to go back and correct my mistakes. I hope I wasn't so tired that you can't understand. We'll see when I read it again in the morning! Goodnight!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bye Bye Baby!

    I dropped my husband, JP, off at the airport today. He is, as I type, on his way to Germany. After spending a week in Germany he is going to Paris for another week. Two weeks! I miss him already. 
   He is going to interview with the same company that he works for here in the US, just for a position in each of the two cities that he is visiting. I am so proud of him to even be considered for this opportunity and I know he will do wonderfully! He is very professional and very good at what he does. I am sure they will be impressed with his knowledge and personality. I hope he gets a little time to relax and scope out the cities as well.
    I am very sad to be without him, but I know he is doing it to benefit the rest of our lives!

One of my favorite pics of us!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Let's talk about Hair Color.

    Most of us have, at least at one time, colored our hair. Probably going hand and hand with that, we all have hair color disaster stories. It may be because of a box color done at home, or a stylist that didn't exactly understand what you were trying to say. I am going to try to help prevent a(nother) disaster from happening to you.

Box Color Disasters

Your hair came out too dark/the wrong color/in the right light has a slight tone of puke green.
    Hair Coloring Rule #1- Color canNOT lift color. In general terms, once you darken your hair with color, you can no longer lighten it again without using bleach, even demi or semi permanent color.
   Solution- Run, don't walk, to a professional. You need to highlight your hair and then go over it then with the right color. You may want a conditioning treatment after this.

You have been coloring your hair at home a dark color and now want it lighter.  
    Same as above. See your stylist. This is not a disaster but trying this at home can actually lead to said disaster. You roots will color to the light color, but your ends won't lift very much. Obviously not a good look!

Your hair turns out too light.
   This is not so much as disaster. It is much easier to darken hair than to lighten it. Just color your hair again, but I still recommend going to a professional.

Disasters are more apt to happen when color is done without a professional hair stylist. Once a disaster does happen it costs a whole lot more to fix the problem than it would have to just do it at a salon in the first place. At a salon the stylist doesn't just put one color on your hair, they mix several different colors to customize the color for each client. Box color is much more damaging to your hair than salon color, because they have to make it the highest strength to make sure it will work on everyone from a blond to a black haired person. Because of all of these reasons, I never encourage anyone to use a box color.

Disasters at the Salon

Lack of Communication
   Usually a disaster that happens in the salon is the result of a lack in communication. Everyone has different terminology. For example, what a blond might call dark a brunette might call light. An easy way to prevent this from happening, is to bring in pictures of cuts and colors that you like. That way you both know exactly what each other is talking about. Check out Google Images if there is a specific celebrity's style that you are looking to find. Or go to, one of my favorite sites to find different hair styles.

Something Goes Wrong
    A) The highlights come out too ashy or too golden 
    B) The color is too dark or too light
    C)Too red, to warm, to ashy, ect.
In any of these cases I suggest giving the stylist that originally did the color the chance to fix it. They will usually fix it for free, within the first 2 weeks after the original service. At least go to the same salon. Going to a different salon they will charge you for a whole other service. The original stylist should know the exact formula they used and will then know how to tweak it to make it right. If after this time they don't get it right, then try to have someone else fix it.

Your Hair Has Major Breakage
   It is expected, that when you have certain services done, some breakage may occur. Your stylist should have warned you, before coloring your hair, that this may happen. If you choose to continue with the service that is at your own risk. But if you go in to the salon with perfectly healthy hair and have it severely damaged, talk to the owner/manager of the salon and ask to have a complementary deep conditioning treatment. Next time, in this case, go to another stylist.

If you experience a disaster at a salon that you really like, but feel bad going to another stylist, DON'T. You pay good money to get your hair done and you should go to a stylist that you like. If someone doesn't do your hair how you want it done, find someone who does. I promise that the stylist understands. It may feel weird to you but us stylists get over it.

I wish you all good hair days!
<3 Andi

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Plan

  People think I am crazy, but I plan my hair out years in advance. It helps me to keep my hair at its healthiest and not fall for the latest trends, but to be true to what works best for me.

                                                                I want it about this long.

    My plan is this: The last time I cut my hair short, I did it so that it would have time to grow out for my wedding. It did. I also know that I will want it long when I have babies. So I am still growing. When I grow my hair I keep it dark to keep it healthy, when I cut it I color it blond. Then I usually keep it lighter until I decide to grow it out again. Then as it gets longer I gradually color it darker.  So the "plan" is more of a common sense thing to keep my hair healthy since I want it long.
      Not everyone has to have a plan but it is good to keep the health of you hair in mind before you make your decision to color you hair. Before you decide to be a platinum blond please consider the length and health of your hair. If you do decide to go blond from a dark color, also consider a hair cut. If you don't want to cut your hair just yet maybe the color should wait until you do. Your hair will thank you!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Control product review.

    For the last month and a half, I have been using a deep conditioner made by Redken called, Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask. This particular product gives a lot of moisture and a little bit of protein, which is a good combination for someone who is growing their hair longer. It also works well for someone who just wants to keep their hair healthy, but has minimal damage. The moisture keeps the ends from becoming too dry and the protein helps to strengthen the hair and prevent split ends. I really liked this product. It made my hair feel very soft and easy to brush through when I was out of the shower.
   For someone who is heavily highlighted and feels their ends need some TLC, I might recommend a product with more protein to help strengthen. The Redken line that would work in this case is called Extreme. For someone who is curly or just feels dry in general I would recommend a product with no protein, only moisture. The Redken line that works for this is the Smooth Down.
   This was my first time using this product and I really liked it. I would buy it again in the future. If someone has the right type of hair to use this product, I would recommend it to them.

If anyone has any specific hair or makeup questions, feel free to email me at I am more than happy to help!
I hope everyone had a good weekend!

<3 Andi

Friday, October 2, 2009

To All of My Beautiful Ladies!

    Your outward apperance is a reflection of an inward self.  If you look good you feel good.  Two contradicting statements, which is true? I think that they both are. It's a cycle, when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good.
    So where does one start? Well there are somethings in life that you can change and somethings that you can't. I say forget what you can't change and do your best with what you can. You can change how you look but you can't change how you feel. We all have days where we don't feel our best.
    Start with your appearance. If you don't normally wear makeup start with just a little blush eyeshadow and mascara. This can freshen up any face. Put on some clothes that make you feel beautiful. Style your hair the best you can. If you generally do wear makeup but just aren't happy with how you do it or are stuck in a rut, watch some youtube for inspiration. My favorite is Kandee the Makeup Artist.
    Commit to yourself. You are worth it. A lot of women, especially mothers, spend so much time on their families that they forget to take time for themselves. You are important! If you are happy, you will be much better at making your kids and your husband happy! I know it is hard to juggle all of the things we women have to deal with, but remember to make yourself a priority.
   You are beautiful! There are people all around you who love you! Never forget these things, but if you do, just put on some lipstick and your favorite dress and you'll feel better.

Love you all. Let's lift each other up with praise! Remind someone today of how beautiful/meaningful/lucky/fashionable/kind/ect. they are. A few little words can make someone's day! A candle doesn't lose any light by lighting another candle.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's in a name? An introduction.

    I like the saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I think the concept that everyone and everything is beautiful when looked at through the right eyes, has a beauty of its own. I really believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way. I believe in the forgiveness of others who have wronged you and I believe in treating all living things with love and respect.
    I make my living, making other people look, but especially, feel their best. It makes my day to make someone else's day. But...
     I have some big changes coming my way. My husbands job is moving us to Europe. I figured now would be the perfect time to start a blog. Since I won't be working, it would give me a way to stay connected to my hair and makeup roots, by reviewing products and giving advice to those who ask. It will allow me to document the changes I am going through, moving from one country to another, for my friends and family to follow and also as reference for anyone else about to jump the pond. Also, it will provide a positive outlet and help to remind me and anyone reading, that, even at its worst, the world is a beautiful place. 
    Come follow me on my journey through life and see the world through my eyes.