Monday, February 15, 2010

V-day Hair and Makeup

     Sorry I'm late. I am really annoyed at my computer/blogger/picasa right now. I put up two posts Saturday night and the pictures all worked fine. When I went to make my post yesterday before my company got here the pictures weren't working. So I spent all of the time redoing the pictures again, and had no time to post. This morning when I went to post again, same thing. So I finally fixed them for good this time. Fingers crossed. So if you checked out my posts yesterday or this morning, please try it again. I think everything is figured out.

There was a question in a comment from my last post about air drying my hair, asking what products I use to air dry.  It really depends on how curly/wavy I want my hair to be. If I want a lot of hold or for my hair to be more curly, I use Aveda's Retexturizing Gel. If I just need a little hold or am wearing my hair more wavy than curly I use Aveda Confixor.


     As you may know, I don't have a hairdryer yet. I think I have been doing pretty well with out one. I am planning to get one, but hopefully I will only use it when I need to leave the house in a hurry. I say hopefully because I will probably fall back into the habit of drying it each time, but for the health of my hair I will try not to. 
     Yesterday this is what I did.

Here is how you can get this look.
  1. I used about a quarter size blob of Aveda Retexturizing Gel. Scrunched it through my hair and then brushed it through to spread it out and make sure it was even. 
  2. Next, I divided my hair down the middle (If you like your part to the side then you can do it to the side) and divided each side into about 4 separate sections.
  3. Each of the sections I twisted tightly, away from my face. See image A.
  4. Through out the drying process I keep checking the sections and retwisting them if I needed to. Also image A.
  5. After the hair was dry I shook out the twists. First by placing my hand under the hair, at the scalp and shaking, see image B. Then on the outside, placing my finger tips on the scalp and shaking. See image C.
  6. Then I scrunched a couple of times. Image D.



Make Up

  1. I used Aveda Tinted Moisture in Beechwood (yes I'm really white!)
  2. Next, for my dark circles, I covered them with MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW20.
  3. The blush I used was a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Blush, Coral.
  1. I covered the entire lid with MAC shadow stick, Beige-ing.
  2. Then I went back over it with shadow, All That Glitters, which is a peachy color, also by MAC.
  3. Next I lined my eyes with a Tecknakohl MAC liner in Photogravure, a very dark brown, and smudged it with MAC brush 228.
  4. I went back over the line with MAC shadow, Espresso, a dark brown, with brush 265. From the high point of the curve of the lid I feathered the shadow up a little on to the lid and out into the crease. 
  5. Using MAC brush 272, I blended Espresso into the crease.
  6. Then I lined the outer half of my eye again with the same liner, as close to the lash line as I could.
  7. I went over that line with MAC shadow Typographic, a very dark grey, almost black.
  8. For the highlight, I used BedHead shadow in Champagne.
  9. Finally I used a couple coats of Lash Blast in very black. 
     I hope everyone has a great week. 


    1. Your hair and makeup is stunning!! I'll be breaking out my shadestick tomorrow morning!! What type of product is the Retexturizing gel? Would Surf Spray or similar products give similar results?

    2. Thank you Steph, I have been happy with the results I am getting w/o my dryer. Who knew? The Retexturizing Gel is Aveda's medium hold gel. It probably has a little more hold than the Surf and Spray but I would try it anyway. See if it has enough hold for you.

    3. I love your hair like that, looks awesome! Also great make-up look too, you look just like Marisa Tomei in Picture A, it's uncanny!

    4. love the hair and makeup, and I cannot believe how incredible your natural hair texture jealous!

    5. V. I will admit that I got lucky in the hair department, but this isn't exactly natural. I think anyone with even a small amount of wave in their hair can achieve this look. It's all in the twists. I hope you try it.
      Also you can do the same thing with the twists and then diffuse it to get it to dry faster. And if you tip your head upside down to diffuse you get hella volume. I forgot to include that info. I will probably add that to my next post just in case people don't read the comments.
      Andi Pandi, I get told I look like Ms. Tomei all of the time. I take it as a huge compliment. I think she's beautiful. So thank you.
      Thanks for the comments ladies.