Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Video: A Fun Eyeliner

     Some days girls just want to have fun... with their makeup. Even days that you might not be doing fun things, like work for example. You want to wear something different than your normal look, but you don't want to look over the top.
     In this video I show how to make a colored liner wearable for everyday life. The best part, you don't have to go out and buy a million different colored liners just to be able to wear different colors, because honestly how often are you going to wear a bright green liner. With the technique I am showing today, you can just go over a liner that you already have, like a brown, with a colored eyeshadow. In the video I use a navy blue but this look can be done with other colors that you have as well. I have done this with purple, green and blue.

The same look done with green shadow, MAC Eco Green.

Sorry I made the pictures so big. I wanted you to be able to see well enough. 

A tip I forgot to add in the video: If you are using a lighter color like a green, make sure, after you put the green on, to go back with your brown liner again and just line the part right along the crease. You don't want a thick line at all, you just want a dark lash line to make your lashes look thicker.

You may notice I refer to a blue color that I had already showed, but I cut that part out. I was referring to Blue Calm, by MAC.

What I used for my eyes

The Navy Shadow- Sapphire by Bobbi Brown
The Flesh Colored Shadow- Modelette by MAC
Highlight Shadow- Champagne by Bed Head

224- used to apply highlight and base shadow color
219- used to apply highlight to tear area
217- used to blend shadow
228- used to smudge liner
265- small angle

I hope you like the video.

     So my healthy idea of the day today is to drink lots of water. There was a point in my life, a couple of years ago, where I drank almost a gallon of water every day. I know that was a little excessive, and there are some who say that is too much water.  I honestly felt great during that time. When you drink a lot of water you feel better, it makes your skin better, everything just works better. You lose weight.
      Here is what happens in your body when you drink enough water vs. not drinking enough. If you aren't constantly replenishing your water, your body starts to store it just in case. The water sits there in your body and fills with toxins. Just think of sitting water, it gets murky and gross. When you start to replenish the water regularly your body realizes that it doesn't have to store as much water so you lose all of that water weight. Actually, at first you may get sick, I got a pretty bad cold. Think of that dirty water again. All of the dirtiness settles when it is sitting, but think what happens when it gets flushed out. It gets all shaken up again. Well all of the toxins get shaken up in your body and make you sick.         Once all of that dirty water is out though you start feeling great. You may not even think you feel bad now, but you can definitely feel a difference after. You feel great.


  1. Another great video! I love this look! Can I ask what foundation/concealer you like to use?

  2. i love this look :) i'm loving you are doing videos now.


  3. love the video and how navy does make your eyes really pop. I'm a little confused you talk about in your video about showing the blue with the shadow stick but I must have missed that?

    Also do you have any recommendations for dark blueish-gray eyes..what color would be best to make them pop?

    Looking forward to the next one

  4. Kristen, I use Aveda's tinted moisturizer, in 02/beechwood. I really like it. It evens out my skin tone well because I have some redness sometimes, but it's not too yellow, like some other lines that I have tried.
    My concealer is a MAC studio sculpt concealer which is the one in a pot and in that I use NW20. I think I actually prefer the moisture cover by MAC in the same color though. It goes on nicer. That is the one in the tube.
    To be honest though, I don't love MAC concealers that much and I may be trying something new next time. They are good but I don't know if they're great.

  5. Hello Ms. Anon,
    I may have forgotten to write it in the blog, but I cut a part out that I am probably going to put up today. In it I used a brighter blue shadow to show the difference between using a shadow primer, like the shadestick, and not using one. Oh I did mention it. Right above "What I Used." It was MAC blue calm.

    So for the beautiful color of eyes that you have you have a couple of ways you can play with color. If you want your eyes to look more gray, you should use a blue liner or shadow. Next to blue they will look more gray. If you want to make them pop as blue you can use a gray or peach. The gray will make them look more blue in the same way using a blue makes them look more gray.
    I can do a similar thing with my eyes because I have a little bit of green in my eyes, so if I use purple it really makes the green stand out.
    The peach color is the color opposite on the color wheel for blue, aka the complimentary color. When you use the complimentary color of any eye color it makes the eye color stand out.
    I hope that helps!