Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming up next: Wedding Makeup.

     Hi everyone! I just finished my wedding makeup video where I show the look that I did for my wedding. I have gotten a lot of compliments and questions about it. So I figured I would help all of you soon to be Mrs. ladies out there.

Here is a picture from my wedding day.
Please ignore the mess in the background, I was in a panic to get ready before the rain came again.

Here are some pictures from the look today.


     I am really excited about this video. I will probably post it either later today or tomorrow early. It is actually pretty long, I mean it's a whole wedding look, so I am going to break it up in to sections. Man I have a lot of editing to do. Look for it later!
<3 Andi


  1. Awesome! I think no matter how much I watch these kinds of videos though, I am never gonna master the eye makeup thing. I hate trying to apply eyeshadow other than 2 colors. I suck at blending them and where to place them.

  2. I love ur LOTD! The eyeshadow and the color on your cheeks is very pretty.

  3. Jennifer, I have two suggestions that may help you. The first is, why not try to go for a makeup lesson with a professional makeup artist? They will show you where everything goes and even show you some blending tricks. The other suggestion is cheaper. You could go to MAC, there they have sheets with faces on them. You could ask one of the MUAs there to show you on the face where to put certain colors. That may help. Good luck. You can get it, you just need practice.

  4. Thanks Taylor,
    Actually you and Kelsey gave me the inspiration to do this. You are both talking a lot about the wedding look so I thought I would show you guys mine. I actually give you both a shout out in the end of the video. LOL I hope this helps you!