Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bonus: Why to Use a Shadow Primer

     This video was originally going to be included in the video from yesterday but I decided to make it it's own video.  Here I show what using a shadow primer, such as a MAC shadestick or paint, does.

For my healthy meal today I made a homemade veggie soup. It actually didn't turn out that well, so I won't share the recipe, LOL. I just took all of the vegetables that I had at home and threw them in a pot with a liter of water and a couple of bullion cubes, and viola! Dinner, for the next 3 days, haha. It wasn't horrible, it just wasn't as good as I had hoped. I wish I would have had some carrots to add and maybe some celery, but oh well, maybe next time. Plus, I didn't have enough bullion cubes, so I added this weird Cuban spice that my husband uses to cook Cuban food.

What is your favorite healthy thing to eat?


  1. I love the boost of color that shadesticks or paints give shadows. I love to use colored sticks to bring out the dimension in some shadows.

    My healthy snack today was an avocado with cracked pepper, a dab of garlic powder, and red pepper mashed up with a handmade (not by me) whole wheat tortilla. Yum!! (and a roma tomato sliced and peppered)

  2. That sounds delicious, Stephie.

  3. You are adorable Andi. You make me want to do some videos, but I have no clue what Id talk about. lol.

    And your wedding ring- WOW, its very pretty!!