Monday, April 19, 2010

Tea for two

 I drink tea a lot. I love it. It is a perfect cold weather pick me up. Now that the weather is getting nicer though, I don't always want to drink a hot beverage. Instead I have modified one of my favorite tea recipes for warmer weather. You can find the original recipe in this post. To make it more summery, instead of adding a squeeze of lemon I add the juice from a whole lemon or lime. Then after it's done steeping, I add some organic honey to cut the tartness, add it to your own taste. Then I stick it in the fridge to cool. Then I drink it later over some ice. It's really refreshing. This is also a detoxifying tea.

Even though I have stopped posting my healthy meals (let's face it, I eat the same things over and over, and that isn't interesting), I am still eating healthy as much as I can.

Also, JP and I have started the P90X program. One week in, I am loving it! I will probably do a post on it soon, but I want to get a few weeks under my belt first so I can give a better opinion.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. I'm doing P90X too. Unfortunately, due to so many appts last week we only did like 3 days so we are beginning the workout again this week. I like it too. Which is your fave day? I like the yoga!

  2. Oh I love the Yoga. I really like the Kenpo too.

  3. MMM yum! I love iced tea specifically!