Monday, April 5, 2010

Bare faced and Fancy Free.

          From Tuesday of last week until Sunday morning (Easter), one of my best friends came to stay with us here in Germany. She and her beautiful family live in Copenhagen, only a 9 hour drive away. We spent the time with them just relaxing and doing whatever we felt like doing. This included chasing around a 15 month old around my non-childproof house, drinking beer and walking around the city. What it did not include was putting on makeup or blow drying my hair even once. It was very nice, but at the same time I can see where some mothers start to feel like they have lose their style. It is important to feel beautiful, and makeup helps us do that.

          To tell you the truth, as a stay at home wife, one of the reasons that I blog is to give myself a reason to put on some makeup. Even wearing makeup once in a while can boost your self esteem. When you look good you feel good. Tomorrow I will definitely be back at it.


  1. wow looks fun!
    Where is that picture taken? I feel like maybe I've been there, but then lots of European cities look similar.

    at least you are still gorgeous without makeup on. I didn't wear any yesterday either.


  2. I skip make-up some days, but I feel so much better when I put some effort in :)
    So glad you enjoyed your visit with your BFF, awesome!

  3. Steph, that is in Nurnberg. The picture was taken at the top of the castle there. It is a beautiful view of the city.

    Andi, there are a lot of times that I don't wear makeup. I probably only wear it 3 or 4 days out of the week. I just usually don't go that many consecutive days without it. It felt weird. And thanks, we did have a great time. I was so sad to see them go.

    I hope you both had a great Easter weekend.

  4. Wow, gorgeous view/picture! Can't wait to go to Germany!!! :) I have "make-up skip days" too. But always feel "refreshed" and girly when I shower and put make-up on... Glad you all had a nice visit!

  5. I totally agree! If I don't shop for a while or put on some makeup I feel like crap. In the moving process I was off for 4 days and I don't think I hardly looked in a mirror. I was craving some dress up time after that!