Friday, October 2, 2009

To All of My Beautiful Ladies!

    Your outward apperance is a reflection of an inward self.  If you look good you feel good.  Two contradicting statements, which is true? I think that they both are. It's a cycle, when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you look good.
    So where does one start? Well there are somethings in life that you can change and somethings that you can't. I say forget what you can't change and do your best with what you can. You can change how you look but you can't change how you feel. We all have days where we don't feel our best.
    Start with your appearance. If you don't normally wear makeup start with just a little blush eyeshadow and mascara. This can freshen up any face. Put on some clothes that make you feel beautiful. Style your hair the best you can. If you generally do wear makeup but just aren't happy with how you do it or are stuck in a rut, watch some youtube for inspiration. My favorite is Kandee the Makeup Artist.
    Commit to yourself. You are worth it. A lot of women, especially mothers, spend so much time on their families that they forget to take time for themselves. You are important! If you are happy, you will be much better at making your kids and your husband happy! I know it is hard to juggle all of the things we women have to deal with, but remember to make yourself a priority.
   You are beautiful! There are people all around you who love you! Never forget these things, but if you do, just put on some lipstick and your favorite dress and you'll feel better.

Love you all. Let's lift each other up with praise! Remind someone today of how beautiful/meaningful/lucky/fashionable/kind/ect. they are. A few little words can make someone's day! A candle doesn't lose any light by lighting another candle.


  1. Very good post today, Andi. It made me smile, and you're right..everyone has something beautiful about themselves. Even if they don't see it, others do.

  2. andi, i loved the last line of this entry. <3

    miss you tons!