Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bye Bye Baby!

    I dropped my husband, JP, off at the airport today. He is, as I type, on his way to Germany. After spending a week in Germany he is going to Paris for another week. Two weeks! I miss him already. 
   He is going to interview with the same company that he works for here in the US, just for a position in each of the two cities that he is visiting. I am so proud of him to even be considered for this opportunity and I know he will do wonderfully! He is very professional and very good at what he does. I am sure they will be impressed with his knowledge and personality. I hope he gets a little time to relax and scope out the cities as well.
    I am very sad to be without him, but I know he is doing it to benefit the rest of our lives!

One of my favorite pics of us!


  1. I love this picture of you 2, it's perfect! Hopefully the trip will go fast for you both. You always have us gals to keep you busy :)

  2. Thanks! We were laughing so hard because my sister said something dumb/funny. So whenever she sees the picture she always says she hates it. Of course she's kidding.

  3. I was nominated for an award and in turn had to pass it on... you were one of my nominees!